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Soul Approach

Intimate  with a personal touch behind her 
soulful vocals and eminent  lyrics

Denver songwriter, vocalist and musician Devyn Rae has an unforgettable, straight to the soul approach to her music. Collaborating with other musicians. Devyn has been writing for multiple genres including folk, R&B, rap, pop and soul which has defined her unique sound of alternative folk/soul.

Audience  members have described Devyn Rae Music as "intimate with a personal touch behind her soulful vocals and eminent lyrics ."


Devyn has played in multiple festivals including Underground Music Showcase in Denver, CO, SOLO festival in Lafayette, LA, Boulder Film Festival and Taste of Colorado. She has been featured on multiple artist tracks and has been actively playing shows and recording her next five song collaborative release called  "Little Things" . 


    What I do is the feeling of absolute freedom and it lives on through music, 

as long as I am playing I will always be   free.

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Meet   the Members

Guitarist Heather Hunt is based out of Northern Denver, CO and is a multi- instrumentalist and writer. Her home grown sound was inspired by her childhood upbringing of 'Dad Rock' and found a passion for the electric guitar.

Heather's favorite artists that reflect her style are Lou Reed, Jack White, Nai Palm, Jimi Hendrix, Nancy Wilson, and Grace Potter. 


Collaborating with other musicians and writers over the years, Heather has dedicated her life to music which drives her passion for guitar playing. 


I couldn’t help but fall in love with all the ways you can be creative with the guitar ."





Bassist Rachel Margulies born and raised in Denver, CO is an unparalleled musician and artist. Her love for playing bass guitar started in college, forever engraved into her life. Rachel's style emerged from her passion for breaking the norms of music and art by combining styles and sounds that wouldn't ordinarily go together. Her current favorite artists are Mother Mother, Tune-Yards, and The Taxpayers. 

With multiple years of collaborations, features and personal interests of art and drawing, Rachel has an artistic approach to her bass playing that is unforgettable. 

"Creating music with other people and sharing a moment in time is a very special thing that, in my eyes, makes life worth all the ups and downs." 

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